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The Bo or Kun (Bojutsu - the art of Bo)

The bo is the main weapon used in the association and is one of the most difficult to master. It is the basis for all gradings and there are a total of 15 kata in our system.

For competition purposes, the bo must be made of oak, be 6ft (180cm) long and weigh over 900 grms. Please note though, that for training and grading purposes the bo need only be one fist longer than the users height e.g. a 5ft lady would probably find it more comfortable to use a 5ft 4in bo. Akamine Sensei also strongly favours the tapered bo.

Other points of interest regarding the bo:
MotoThe centre of balance point of the bo.
SakiThe tip of the bo.

Ths Sai (Saijutsu - the art of Sai)

The sai was originally devised as a policing tool for the protection of the king and high ministers. There is a sai kata for every grading from shodan and above. There are a total of 8 sai kata practiced within the association. When held, the sai blade should finish just past the elbow e.g. in theory, when performing an empi uchi the point of the blade should make contact with the opponent.

Other points of interest regarding the sai:
TsukagashiraHandle butt.
YokoSide guards.
TsumeSide guard tip.
MotoCentre point between the side guard.
SakiTip of the blade.

The Nunchaku

The nunchaku was originally used as a horse bit and was particularly effective when used as a weapon against the tonfa, or kama. It consists of two sticks which are joined together by a length of rope or chain. The sticks should be the length of a person's arm, from mid palm to elbow and the rope or chain should be the width of an individual's hand.

There are 2 nunchaku kata in the association's syllabus which are performed for kyu grades and shodan, respectively. The nunchaku are, therefore, one of the first weapons that the student needs to master.

Other points of interest regarding the nunchaku:
Gedan TsukagashiraHandle end nearest the rope.
Ushiro TsukasashiraHandle end furthest from the rope.
MotoHandle centre.
HimoConnecting rope.

The Tekko

The tekko was originally developed from a common horseshoe
or stirrup and is one of the first weapons to be used in the association. The tekko are used as a pair and there is only one kata in the syllabus, which is performed for kyu grades.

Tekko is classified as an illegal weapon in England and cannot be bought or sold in this country. Students are, however, permitted to possess tekko in their own homes and to transport them to and fro the dojo for training purposes, providing that they
are sensibly stored in transit e.g. inside a sports bag, in the boot of the car. They should NEVER be transported in readily available places such as coat pockets, or in the glove compartment of a car. Please use your common sense if you are in possession of a set of tekko and are using them for training purposes.